A powerful magician


Salassim is a bald man with dark skin and piercing eyes. More recently his skin has become a deep red and his head crowned with a pair of horns due to his transformation into an efreet.


Salassim’s life before 4433 BCCC is the subject of legends best discussed later. In 4433, however, he purchased Bjorn the Mighty as a slave and offered him his freedom if he would go out and claim a relic known as the Druid Stone.

In 4495 he resided in Lenap where he sought a corpse of a being known as the Star Man.

In 4499 BCCC he hired several patrons of the Cutthroat Inn to take him to Temple of the Sun. He warned them on the way that they may be harassed by a sorceress whose minions the party called mindfreaks. At the temple he went through a portal which seemed to lead to the Plane of Fire before a great flame erupted back out and went into a lamp he had given to Annapurna

In 4500 BCCC Annapurna rubbed the lamp and discovered that Salassim had become an Efreet who promised to perform three “tasks” for the party; however, he was unable to raise Khurshid from the dead.


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